Together with a poker table and slot machines, the roulette wheel is a symbol of casinos and gambling that most people instantly think about when envisioning a live casino. The roulette wheel often associates with a feeling of luxury, elegance and nobility. It is one of the oldest casino games, yet you will still find it in a casino for two main reasons: it is very easy to play, and it is a lot of fun.

If you are just getting started with gambling and playing in casinos, roulette is probably one of the best places to start. You can have a lot of fun playing other games, too. Some of the games are also very easy, such as slots. However, roulette also has a social element to it, and the noble and elegant feel is hard for slot machines to replicate. Before starting to play, however, we recommend to read up about the special roulette strategies and tips that might make possibility of winning bigger and loosing less.

The centrepiece of the game of roulette is the roulette wheel. In most casinos, roulette wheels are expensively and beautifully crafted. When you play roulette in an online casino, you will also notice that website designers put a lot of thought into designing a beautiful wheel. In the wheel, a small white ball spins around until it ends up in one of the compartments, or pockets of the roulette wheel.

Over the centuries, many mathematicians, scientists and casino goers have tried to figure out how they can predict the behaviour of the ball. From the mathematical standpoint, each ball drop and spinning that happens thereafter, are statistically independent events. This means that it is impossible to predict an outcome of every single event. Each time the ball drops into a random pocket. It is all a matter of chance, which is why if you are looking for casino games where your skills do matter, you may want to switch to poker or blackjack.