Most roulette tables will have minimum bets and spreads. A minimum bet is a minimal amount of money you can wager on a number on a roulette table. A spread is a total of the bets that you play.

For example, if a minimum bet is £2, and the spread is £20, you will need to either pick up to ten different numbers, or put the entire £20 on one number, or split it any way you like between different numbers, for example: £10 on 5, £6 on 31, and £4 on 19.

The roulette table in a live casino will typically have a sign that indicates the minimum for the table and the spread. Typically, you can’t mix and match inside and outside bets to get to the required spread.

Inside bets, which are the bets on individual numbers, have all the right elements for a lot of fun, excitement and drama at a roulette table. When you bet your chips on a single number, you are basically betting that the small white ball will land on your number and not any other number out of 36, or one of two green pockets with zeros on them.

To increase their chances, players typically bet on more than one number during one game of roulette.

When you place your roulette chips on the numbers on the table, there is a possibility for confusion. Some chips may partially cover several squares on the table. While it is a job of the dealer to make sure that they are no ambiguities, you always want to double check and make sure that your chips are covering your numbers. You also want to watch other players who are betting on their numbers to check that they don’t accidentally move your chips into a different spot.