Whilst where the ball stops in a roulette wheel is a matter of chance, you can still have a lot of fun, and manage your bankroll successfully, if you use some of the time-tested betting strategies. These strategies are not the same as strategies that promise that you will win every single time. There is a difference between trying to win in a game of random chance, which doesn’t work, and managing your bankroll effectively. On this website, you will find a lot of information about the latter, but not the former.

Understanding the basics of the game of roulette is really easy. The ball spins around the wheel and ends up in one of the pockets. If you have been to casino movies, you know that players place piles of casino chips of different colours on a long table. The table looks like a rectangle, and has a lot of small rectangular or square sections with a number on them. After players make their bets, the dealer, called the croupier in some casinos, spins the roulette wheel. On the wheel, there are slots that have the same colours and numbers that the squares or rectangles on the table have.

After the wheel is spinning, the dealer releases a small white ball, and drops it into the wheel. Most often, the wheel rotates in a counterclockwise direction and the ball starts moving in a clockwise direction. The ball and the wheel keep moving for some time. The anticipation and the excitement of the players and the viewers keep growing. Then, both the roulette wheel and the ball start slowing down, and eventually the ball drops into one of the pockets with numbers on the wheel.

The goal of playing the game of roulette is to guess where the ball is going to end up.