The typical roulette table, both in the United States and in Europe, can accommodate up to six players. Some tables have double layouts and can accommodate up to twelve players.

The best location to sit at a roulette table is right in the middle, because when you sit there, you can reach out and place your bet at any area of the table. If you are stuck sitting at the end of a roulette table, or if you are standing up behind the players, you will have to bend your back and then slide your chips towards the dealer. Then, you will have to ask the dealer to place your bets on the squares of the table that you have chosen, but you can’t reach.

The goal of the game is to try and guess where the ball ends on the roulette wheel. You make your guesses by placing your chips on the squares on the table that have numbers that correspond to the numbers on the wheel.

At the roulette table, you use casino chips that are different from other chips. The reason for it is that the dealer needs to be able to see whom the chips belong to. Because of this, the chips have special colour codes that are unique to each player at the particular roulette table that you are playing at.

This means that you can’t take the chips from one roulette table with you to a different roulette table. The chips will have no value there.

Typically, each player at a roulette table gets chips of different colours. At tables that can seat up to six players, the dealer may have chips of six different colours. At tables for up to twelve players, the dealer will have even more casino chips that are different from each other.